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There is no need to convince anyone how important physical activity is in human life. Therefore, the school has a particularly important role to play in this area. Preparing a young person for physical activity in adult life is one of the main tasks of schools, and in particular of physical education teachers. With the above goal in mind, Primary School No. 2 in Ostrzeszów, meeting the formal conditions, took part in the Erasmus+ project "You can do This". We wanted to find out how the issue of children and youth being active at school and preparing them for adulthood is implemented in other countries. In this regard, we also wanted to share our experience on this topic. An additional motivation for participating in the above-mentioned project was the pandemic, which significantly limited students' opportunities to carry out school activities (remote learning), including physical education. After the lockdown period, children and teenagers returned to full-time classes at school. In order to "make up" for the lost time in terms of basic physical activity after staying at home and taking part in remote classes, the school offered students of grades 7 and 8 to participate in some of the compulsory elective physical education classes. And so from September 1, 2021. students could choose the type of physical education classes offered for 2 hours. per week, out of 4 hours resulting from the framework teaching plans. The purpose of introducing this modification was to increase motivation for physical activity, especially after the period of distance learning, and to improve active participation. The offer includes the following types of classes:

- sports games: volleyball and beach volleyball, basketball, football

- badminton and table tennis

- swimming

- dances

- climbing wall

- athletics and orienteering

All these forms of classes could be offered to students because the school has excellent sports facilities and teaching staff (physical education teachers have instructor and coaching qualifications to conduct the classes listed in the offer). From the very beginning of the implementation of PE in this form, with elective classes, great interest and greater motivation of students towards this form of classes was observed. Students willingly participated in these activities because they were consistent with their interests and expectations. These observations were confirmed by the evaluation and students' comments in the surveys (over 70% of students participating in this type of classes spoke very positively about the classes and the possibility of choosing them). "Faculties", as students commonly call this type of physical education classes, have been running for another year and are very popular also among parents. In addition, students have the opportunity to change the type of selected classes after each half-year.